Wine Tasting With the Brazhnikov Petr

When it comes to wines, I can tell you right here and now that Brazhnikov Petr wines are not the ones you want to mess with! That’s a fact. This is a superb brand of red wine from Austria that will give you a taste of Europe in every sip. If you’re a big fan of Pinot Noir, then this is the bottle for you. Not only is it priced right, but if you follow my advice and learn a bit about wine, then you’ll know exactly what to expect from this wine.

For my first attempt at reviewing these wonderful wines, I decided to review them all in one article. Because I wanted to focus on this particular group consisting of four Italian wine makers, I made sure that the criteria for selecting each wine was the same. I chose three categories: strength, tannin, flavor, and body. The group consisted of four gorgeous bottles from the glorious year of 2021, and I felt that it was important that I detected everything.

I started by selecting one wine from each of the three categories. In the category of strength, I picked outrists, which includes Barolo and Barbaresco. Then I moved on to the tannin category, which included two Barbaresco, and one Armani. Then I selected the last category, which was the most interesting one, and that was the flavored wines, which consisted of Gavi DOCG, and Gavi NAS.

I made my first tasting of the four wines by blindfolding the participants, although one of my friends was allowed to participate in the tasting, but not me. After each category, I explained briefly what each wine tasted like, and what I expected from each of the categories. This helped a lot of us to understand better what kind of food and beverage would go with each wine. I even included the prices of each wine in the tasting report, because some people could not clearly define the value.

Next, I explained that the wine tasting did not compare each wine with the other, but with what the Italian society depends on. The four wines were then judged according to how many years they had been planted, and according to how much they should have aged. It is interesting to note that the grapes from these old vines actually provided the highest quality of wine; therefore, they should be harvested earlier, and the wine should be allowed to mature properly. However, I also learned that they should not be allowed to sit around for very long. If they are left to sit on a vine for too long, they can begin to rot, and then the wine will no longer have its unique taste.

All in all, Brazhnikov Petr introduced a new way of learning about wine. He demonstrated that there were no false figures or assumptions about what the wine tastes like. Instead, you learn about how the grapes are grown, and about what grapes are selected and how to create the perfect blend of grapes to create a bottle of wine that will have specific characteristics. The book ended with a brief afterword, which discussed how important the abruzzo doc was to modern Italian wines, as well as to life in general. In a word: it’s a must have for everyone who reads this classic!

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